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After school Student Care

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We know that parents can be really busy at work and sometimes they can't leave the workplace till evening, that's why we have Student Care services! Student Care start from 1pm and runs until 7pm. The children will be doing different kind of activities each day :-)

We help children with their homework and even revision for test papers. We make sure that their physiological needs are met by providing lunch and nap time. There's also snacks for them if they need that extra energy! Our teachers like to keep them active by doing simple exercises with them such as stretching or going out for a walk to the surrounding area.

The children can bring their own lunch or have some of the school's food! Here's our menu:

Even if your child is from a different school, you can still sign them up for our student care services! You can sign your child up for student care in our "Register Now". If you have any enquiries do send us a message on WhatsApp (+65 6908 2962) or come down to visit us at Blk 929 Tampines St 91 #01-439 Singapore 520929, we'll help you as much as we can! We hope to see you soon! :-)

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